What to cook first?

I am sure you are really going to enjoy your Big Green Egg – we have found them amazing!  Once you have mastered the basics, which are not difficult, you will produce some great food with it.  It is worth spending a little time getting these basics into place and then the great results will come thick and fast!

The best piece of advice I can offer is to start with something really easy, no matter how experienced a cook or BBQer you are!  The first thing I would suggest is learning some simple temperature control.  Once you have lit the EGG, play with the Draft door at the bottom of the EGG and the metal cap at the top until you get a steady 180°C (350°F).  (The main vent at the top will probably be closed but the daisy wheel will be fully open.  The draft door at the bottom will probably be about 2 fingers wide).  That  achieved, then cook something very simple that you have had on a BBQ before.  Whilst you are practicing try something like burgers, sausages, or perhaps chicken portions – but the watch words are “keep it simple”!