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Cooking Blog of the Year – UK 2021

Cooking Blog of the Year – UK 2021


We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the Award for “Cooking Blog of the Year – UK  2021” by LuxLife Magazine in their 2021 Restaurant and Bar Awards.

It is great to be nominated for such an award and when you are told that you have won – it is difficult to put into words.

This website, which started simply as a place for us to store our recipes and to keep some working notes on those in development, has proved to be very popular and we are delighted that so many people seem to find it valuable.  We have gone from just a few visits to our blog in the first year to thousands and thousands. This year is no exception and it looks like we will get as many visits by June as we got in the whole of last year – and that was a bumper year too.

We are in the middle of a pandemic which has involved us all changing our lifestyles to protect others.  Many people have found a ‘new joy’ in preparing and trying new foods.  If we have done a little to help in that regard we are delighted.  We have certainly cooked more outside this year – despite the British weather.  We have also changed the types of food we cook and are including more plant-based cooking where we can.  Like so many people we are trying to remain that little bit healthier too.

So onward into 2021 – enjoy your own cooking journeys and share those pleasures whenever you can

Thanks so much for the nomination for the award and for all the support we have had to get to this point.

……………… now lets go and cook something!!

Best wishes

Mark and Jackie

Link to the Award on the LuxLife Website here