New Award 2022 – Best Outdoor Cooking Advisory Resource

New Award 2022 – Best Outdoor Cooking Advisory Resource

We are absolutely delighted to discover that we have just received the “Best Outdoor Cooking Advisory Resource 2022″ award from LuxLifeMagazine in their 2022 Restaurant and Bar Awards.  This comes ‘hot on the back’ of our award last year for the “Cooking Blog of the Year – UK  2021” award by LuxLife Magazine in their 2021 Restaurant and Bar Awards.

It is wonderful to think that “Smoked Fine Food” has been nominated for these awards, especially as it has been our readers who have done this………. being nominated 2 years on the run is very special – winning 2 years on the run feels quite exceptional!

Our website has gone from strength to strength especially as more and more  people have changed how they operate in the last 2 years!  The site started simply as a place for us to keep some working notes on recipes in development and two record recipes once we were happy with them.  It seems that this approach has proved to be extremely popular perhaps as it is a different approach from other sites.  We are delighted to have found that so many people seem to find it valuable.  We are getting thousands and thousands of visitors – and whilst we expected this to fall as the world slowly seems to be coming out of a pandemic, as yet we seem too be getting as many visitors  and requests for advice.

Hopefully, at least in richer nations, we have passed the worse of the pandemic.  Time will tell, but we do hope so.  The last 2 years has involved us all changing our lifestyles to protect others.  One of the unexpected bonuses that has come out of this is that so many people have found a fresh joy in preparing and trying new foods. Outdoor cooking has been such a big part of this and if we have done a little to help in that area we are delighted.  We continue to cook outside all year round – embracing the British weather!! Plant-based cooking is also figuring more in our diet, and as we get our head round things that work well, will appear more on the website too.

We hope you enjoy your own cooking journeys in the rest of 2022.  Great food does not have to be complicated so share those cooking pleasures whenever you can.  Please do feel free to get in touch through the website or directly by email or social media if we can be of any help with advice or simply sharing our own experiences.

All that is left to do then is to thank you, our readers, for the nomination for this 2022 award and also to thank you for all the support we have received that has got us to  this point!

……………… enjoy your cooking and do share your successes!!

Best wishes

Mark and Jackie

Link to the 2021 Award on the LuxLife Website here

Link to the 2022 Award on the LuxLife Website here

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