Private Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes


Why not treat yourself or your family – or even some friends to a private day of BGE cooking. It makes a perfect present.  Perhaps just use it to widen what you feel confident cooking on your own EGG.

We will spend the day together cooking a number of fantastic dishes which will help to boost your confidence and open your eyes to the EGG’s versatility.

The day starts at 9.30 and we will aim to finish at approximately 5.30. There will be plenty to eat so why not invite up to 5 friends to join you.

These Private Classes are run through Meat Smoke Fire Ltd and I look after the classes at the northern end of the operation.


We are able to offer classes in the counties shaded green. Nic is based in Cambridge, Julie in Stockbridge in Hampshire and I am based in Newcastle. We are happy to travel for unto 1hr 30 mins and the travel is covered in the course fee.  If you’re outside these green zones we may still be able to offer a class in your area but please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


In addition to the private classes, Nic also does group classes based at the Meat Smoke Fire HQ in Cambridge.




Our suggested class content is as follows but of course this can be tailored to your needs and food tastes:

  • Reverse Searing – Slow cooking a Picanha (Beef Rump Cap) or Sirloin if you prefer.
  • Searing – Cooking steak two or three ways.
  • Plank smoking – Hot smoking salmon fillets on a wooden plank.
  • Plancha cooking – Roasted rack of lamb and roasted cauliflower.
  • Baking – Rosemary and Maldon Salt focaccia.
  • Pan cooking – Apple or peach tarte tatin, or maybe a pear and blue cheese tart.

The specifically classes are designed to show you a range of simple recipes that use the EGG in very different setups. You can then take what you have learned on the day and adapt it to your own cooks later.

Classes start at 10:00am but we’ll arrive at 9:30am to get everything setup. We normally bring a second smaller EGG so that if necessary we can do a little bit of multitasking. We aim to finish at around 5:30pm but sometimes we can go on beyond this.

Once the course content has been agreed we will give you a full list of ingredients so that you can source them from your favourite shops. We also ask that you provide charcoal and parking.

The cost of the class for 2020 is £450 which covers our time and travel of up to 1 hour 30 minutes.