Slicing Terrines – don’t let it crumble!!

Slicing Terrines – don’t let it crumble!!

In the last blog on terrines we talked about packing the terrine firmly to reduce the risk of it crumbling when cutting.  Nevertheless, with the best will in the world, and with the sharpest and thinest knife it is a fact that terrines can easily crumble!

Crumbling doesn’t stop the terrine tasting wonderful, but if you want your terrine to look great on the plate then crumbling is a real ‘no no’!  Even when a terrine is not likely to crumble it is very easy to distort or tear the pancetta that surrounds the terrine.  This tends to happen on the side towards the direction that the knife slides when cutting the terrine.

Fortunately the solution is really simple!  Wrap the whole terrine tightly with clingfilm.  Cut the slices of terrine as normal, but through the clingfilm.

Place the slice of terrine where you want it for your plating.  Then simply snip through the clingfilm and remove it before serving

The result, a perfectly presented slice of terrine – no crumbling and no distortion of the pancetta!


………………. et voila!!

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