The Big Green Egg goes on Holiday!!

The Big Green Egg goes on Holiday!!

Summer 2016  I simply said to my wife Jackie: Do you think it would be a silly idea to take the Big Green Egg on holiday with us? – quite expecting the “yes of course it is silly!” reply.  We were driving to Tuscany from the North of England for three weeks before coming back into France for a week with our French family then making our way home through northern France and Holland.

“No I think it would be a good idea” said Jackie.  Well, that will teach me…

The practicalities of it now needed to be thought about. I’d need to slim down the usual things I would pack, slightly less bike gear, slightly less camera stuff actually this was going to be quite do-abIe as long as we took our smallest Egg – the Mini.

No longer available in the UK it is a little smaller than the MiniMax – but as this was a travel experiment it would be a good test without much impact on the amount of other belongings we would take!

So the Mini was cleaned and loaded with charcoal so ready to go at a moment’s notice.  The Platesetter, the Cast Iron Grill and the Duel function Metal top all put inside together with a box of firelighters, some matches and the grill gripper.  The Big Green Egg was wedged between our bags and was as stable as anything.

Goodbye Northumberland – hello Tuscany!

Unpacking in Tuscany was completely uneventful. Turns out this was a very easy way to transport an Egg!  We later found out that when driving out for picnics etc with the Egg that a stretched cargo net over the Egg made driving with the Egg completely worry free. Two lessons learned already!

So the Big Green Egg goes on his holidays – welcome to Tuscany!

Now to decide what to cook first – let’s see what day 2 Tuscany brings …

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