Not a meat free – but a ‘meat-less’ January

Not a meat free – but a ‘meat-less’ January

Many people are trying meat free January – but not for us!!  We are reducing the volume of meat we are eating, year round, not just for a month!  We are also trying to buy this smaller volume of meat from producers supporting regenerative farming; at least when we can.

This dish is a simple example. Mostly slow sautéed leeks with pasta, and for 4 portions, less than 200g of meat.  With some chestnuts, this is enough to provide some great flavours, some texture and a really effortless cook.

So we are not going ‘meat free’ but what we might cheekily ‘meat-less’ or more accurately ‘meat-light’!!  Hopefully there will be a reasonable number of recipes supporting this approach this year……………

……………..fingers crossed!!

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