Meat-less – altering the meat vegetable ratio!

Meat-less – altering the meat vegetable ratio!

In our last post we said we were trying to support regenerative food production where ever possible.  So we are not going without meat for January – no ‘Veganuary” for us! Our plan is to continue to eat less (but better) meat but all year round!   We have been playing with the idea of just using a little meat to provide more complex flavour and texture profiles than we can find we can get when cooking purely vegetarian food.

We have used the term ‘plants-centric’ to describe this idea.  It has worked well for us, and describes dishes that are probably 90-95% vegetable based.  Our ‘Meat-less” idea has come a little later and describes dishes that are probably 80-85% vegetable based.

The dish in the pictures on this page is a perfect example of this sort of cooking. This is a classic pork based cassoulet but with only around 450g of meat for a dish that would feed 12.  Even including the meat based stock (from the ham we cooked earlier) we are probably only talking of around 40g of meat per portion.  This is a very small portion of meat, perhaps too much to describe out as ‘plant-centric’ but I think fulfils the idea of ‘less-meat’ ………..

…………………..or as we have cheekily described it – ‘Meat-less’!!!


The plan is too add more of these dishes, interspersed with more traditional cooks throughout the year!

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