Pumpkin and ricotta tortelloni with nutmeg butter

Pumpkin and ricotta tortelloni with nutmeg butter
I love pasta, I love making pasta but I really struggle making good looking tortelloni! We were fortunate that La Tua Pasta make great tortelloni!! We were trying their pumpkin and ricotta tortelloni with nutmeg butter tonight. The tortelloni are large and very generously filled with a great mix of pumpkin and ricotta. As simple supper dish, it lends itself so well little embellishment!

We simply roasted some tomato halves on the Big Green Egg set up for indirect cooking at 160C.  They were salted and sprinkled with oregano and simply roasted for around 15-20 minutes until they dried just a little.  At the same time we roasted some artichoke hearts, cut into thin slices and cooked on the same plancha as the tomatoes.
We served the tortelloni on some freshly picked rocket, with the oven roasted cherry tomatoes, seared artichoke heart slices and mini mozzarella – finished off with some freshly grated parmesan!!
This was a really lovely supper and so easy.  The thing that set it all off was the nutmeg butter.. I have not used this with pasta before.  It is heady stuff and what a great combination!! The whole dish worked so well with the warm oven roasted tomatoes and the cool mozzarella.
………………………..definitely one to do again!!

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