These were simply prepared as the Egg was heating up to grill a main course.  The bread was sliced 1cm thick and toasted on the cast iron grill – but it would have worked just as well with the stainless steel grill (it actually works best of all with slightly stale bread too so perfect for those moments when you’re trying to use up the loaf!).

Whilst the toast was cooking it was time to chop up a couple of ripe tomatoes – if they have lots of seeds squeeze some of them out and discard and chop the tomato flesh into chunky pieces.  Take the toast off the grill and rub the “most toasted side with a clove of garlic – don’t peel it first simply cut off the base and use the toast to act like sandpaper and wear away the garlic (this is why slightly stale bread works best!)

Add the chopped tomatoes to the toast, glug a little olive oil on the top and pop back on the BGE around the edge (now with the least toasted side facing the flame) this will help to warm the tomatoes a little  – this is more important doing this in the UK than in the warmth of Italy!

After two minutes remove from the Big Green Egg and add some torn basil leaves and some fresh salt and pepper. If you are feeling very Mediterranean then add a little more oil and a touch of vinegar.

…Deliciously simple!